The Better Goodreads

I have been asked to talk about a new app that I think would be useful to my blog topic. Something useful would be a website where readers and writers go to start conversations about what they are reading and what kind of books and topics interest them. Something similar to Goodreads, but not exactly.

Readers need to be able to post more than “What I am reading” and reviews after they have finished it. This new website/app needs to have actual statuses posted from the readers about what they are currently thinking about the book instead of an afterwards overall review of the book. If readers had the chance to post statuses and comments to other statuses, more thoughts and opinions would be flowing through the media versus a review that you have to recall information about the story. I also think it would be cool if you could post your 5 star ratings anytime and several times throughout the book. That way people can see where the book gets good and where it downfalls (if so).

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For bloggers like myself, viewing conversations about what people are reading and what topics are trending would help decide what to read and what to potentially blog about. To gain an audience, I have to talk about things that people want to read, this just seems like the best way to learn information about people today and get people’s attention.

Now that I am writing this, I really hope a computer geek is reading this and does create this website. This app wouldn’t only help me, it would be a great social media website for anybody. It would be a great way to be involved in conversations that are interesting to you and will help you with your next book decision.

Until next time.