My Blogging Experience (so far)

With the semester approaching it’s end, my college journalism class  asked it’s students to write a post that summarizes our experiences of becoming  bloggers. First, I’d like to say that I have been wanting to do this since I was a sophomore in high school but didn’t know how I would start. I was stoked to hear at the beginning of the semester that this class required a blog. Journalism and writing is my passion, by far, and I can’t tell you how much fun I have had with this project.

I am sure there is going to be a few students in that class that won’t update their blog ever again, but not me. I am so excited to keep this going. I have been trying to write one post a week ever since the semester started, even though I should be writing everyday, and I have definitely enjoyed the hour or so I got every week to just write.

Something that I think really helped  me in the professional world is Twitter. This class also had us make a Twitter account for the purpose of creating a personal brand and it definitely worked for me. I think this is where a lot of my readers have read my blog posts. I love participating in all the hashtags some accounts had started for books and writers, my blog tweets are also how I have gained a lot of my Twitter followers.

One project this class had us do that I really enjoyed was the post we wrote on thought leaders  that pertained to our blog topic; were we tweeted out to them for the sake of advice or helpful information. It was really cool seeing feedback from people you never would have thought knew you existed.

I would like to improve my information seeking and writing skills in general in the continuation of this blog. I feel like a lot of the time I was at a loss for words or didn’t know what sort of information I should be telling my audience, but I think this is something every writer/journalist/author thinks of themselves no matter how brilliant they are, and this is something that we will never overcome. Also, I think a better use of visual media will improve my storytelling for the career  I am pursuing.

I think this experience has only got me started on my career path and everything that I experience in the writing world will be a continuation off of this class and this blog. I think Twitter is always going to be an amazing tool that I will use in the professional world and also will for others like myself. I couldn’t have had more fun with this project, and I hope that it has in fact only started my career.

Book Slideshow

Okay, so my latest assignment in the college journalism class I am taking asked students to create a slideshow of pictures to tell a story that pertains to their blog topic. I created mine that tells the story of books with many differences but shows that all books have one thing in common. Enjoy.

Reading and Learning

To continue off my last post, I want to emphasize on how important reading is for education.

The college class I am taking asked students to interview someone that pertains to our blog topics, so I interviewed one of our own college librarians. Who would know better about reading for education than a librarian?

I found her outlook on this topic to be, well, exactly what I expected; reading is crucial for learning.

I recently read an article in the San Antonio Express titled Adult literacy an economic issue for S.A. It talked about adults who graduated high school with below-average reading levels and how this is negatively effecting people’s lives and careers today. Also in this article, it talks about the non-profit organization called Each One Teach One which is the “only formal program in San Antonio addressing adult literacy,” that is currently underfunded.

It drives me crazy to know that after at least 12 years of education, adults have to take literacy classes. I am aware that the Texas education system has definitely taken a turn for the worst over the last few years, becoming revolved around how high  certain test scores are instead of what needs to be absorbed in children’s minds. Despite this, I hope and believe that my generation and generations to come have at least average reading levels to keep them from struggling in their future.  I am happy that their is help for those who are illiterate, and I hope that soon better funding will go out to this organization and others.

Without further ado, Jan Tidwell.