Senior Year Literature Major

Okay, finally it’s here. Year 4. I say finally in a bittersweet manner because frankly, studying and reading is what I am good at! I have no clue how I am going to live after graduation!
This semester I am taking mostly science classes. However, my one pleasureable class is Shakespeare: The Early Plays. Currently we just finished reading and discussing A Midsummer Night’s Dream and are now starting on Romeo and Juliet this Thursday. This is week 4 into the class and I can already say wow! This is my first real encounter of Shakespeare literature and am already totally in love with the work and class environment. Seriously, I feel like there is always more ways and always a wider potential than I though to learning to love the art of words. 
My college experience has been a gradual learning experience in more ways than 1 and I know there will always be more for me to embrace when it comes to the written (or spoken) word! 
I think as this class progresses I will have way more things to embrace with an audience than I do now (I shall take notes for my tests as well as my blog!). 
I hope everyone joins me in this wonderful experience! 


Author: KathryneMatt

I am an English Literature undergrad pursuing grad school to become a writer. Follow me on Twitter @readforthesouls

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